Getting Rear Ended Can Be a Painful Experience

Everyday in America, people are rear ended. If you have ever been rear ended, you probably know it can be a painful experience. Especially if it’s your first time, as you just don’t know what to expect. I have never been rear ended and I never hope to be. At the same time, I don’t want to rear ended anybody else either. The interesting thing is there are lots of people out there who want to rear end other innocent people. They pretend the accident was unintentional but they have schemed this all along. Either way, rear end accidents often make it difficult for the victim to function properly after the incident. After a rear end accident you may:

  • Have trouble walking
  • Have trouble seeing straight
  • Have trouble going to the bathroom
  • Walk with a limp

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While rear end accidents happen all over America, San Francisco has one of the highest incidence rate of people being rear ended of anywhere in the country where accidents happen because so many people are packed into one small place.  It’s important that you make good decisions, be safe and do the right things in order to avoid rear end accidents.

Rear End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end accident happens when an automobile drives into another vehicle in front of it.  This type of accident is most commonly caused by a combination of the sudden deceleration of the lead car and the lack of time the trailing car has to stop.  The level of damage sustained by each car involved in these types of accidents is relatively the same, as long as the two vehicles involved are of similar size.  However if the two vehicles are of different size, the smaller of the two cars will usually sustain the most damage.  In this specific type of accident, the occupants of the car that is being hit from behind will usually sustain more serious injuries then the occupants of the other vehicle.

The driver who rear-ends the other vehicle is almost always responsible for the accident.  Any individual who is injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence deserves to be compensated.  If you are in a rear-end accident you should seek medical attention right away.  After the victim is treated medically, they should seek the counsel of an experienced rear-end collision attorney.